P.s-mothers to be......

At one point you will realize in shock and horror that your child has been walking around in shoes that are two OR MORE sizes too small for them.....yes, you read that right. You and your husband will look at each other, both of you guilty for shoving those wittle shoes on his wittle feet thinking oh, he's just curling his toes ( I mean it is a struggle anyway), yeah, he is CURLING his toes, because he doesn't fit into the shoes you bought him just 4 months will change shoes like an Oscar host changes outfits
And when you ask him, "Kiddo, why didn't you tell Mommy and Daddy?" He will say something like "A ga ga dinosaur, wanna go play...." Because he is 2 and doesn't have the slightest clue of what you are talking about.

Also if you do nurse, you can justify about 1600 dollars worth of whatever you want because you just plain deserve it-that's what is estimated you save by nursing. And if some new study comes out about breastfeeding or exactly how much money is actually saved, who cares, you did it, there is no blue ribbon so treat yourself.

strawberry pickin'

J and his cousin (a.k.a the cutest baby girl ever)

future tennis player?  

been meaning to get back into my relief printing days and thought it would help me work better with designing stamps-more coming over at  

rusty but we'll take it!


bobbieblogsalot said…
I can't even tell you the number of times I have taken my kiddos in to the shoe store only to be kindly told by the sales clerk that my child needs shoes two sizes bigger than the pair I brought him in wearing! Talk about feeling like a rotten mom! Lol!
I saw your blog featured in a magazine and have really enjoyed reading your posts and your work is beautiful! :)

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