Is It Bad?

Is it bad that I am jealous of women who lose 50 pounds and then have all that fun buying new clothes for their new body? And you say, well, you could do that too....but alas I've only got like 10 to give and that certainly does not deserve even a spree to Target. is so unfair (please detect my I'm not really serious but kinda tone here). I've worked really hard to stay in pretty decent shape for most of my life. Now don't me wrong, I am not one of those easily skinny people who irk the hell out of me (and I can say this because I am married to one. I threw out all of his high school clothes a few years ago not because there were holes or that no one wears Jams anymore but simply because I am vindictive and annoyed that he can STILL fit into them.) My body is, in fact, is "athletic build, I can practically make muscle out of my eyelid skin . The problem is is that although this build is great for, let's say, SPORTS, it does not always translate as well past age 35 (unless of course you are Brooks Laich of the Washington Caps-Go Caps!). Because, dear friends, muscle turns into fat. Yep, I bet you didn't know that. (ha ha ha). And so while others actually have to make all of the fat which does take time, all mine has to do is say abracadabra to the mass I already have and voila the muscle turns into fat. Yep, it's like magic.

Speaking of it bad that....I get cranky with all of my 40 something friends who have just suddenly discovered running and triathlons and other various feel good endeavors? They are climbing ladders of mileage and discovering muscles they never knew they had, feeling so accomplished. And I, I have tendonitis because nobody told me NOT to do this at the tender age of 26 because I would have NOTHING to conquer in my late 30's and 40's. (I know, I know, you have already erased me from your blog list right now)
 But seriously, the only thing I can think of that could possibly fit for me is like one of those muddy buddies with obstacles courses, but I'm pretty sure I've already done that too, one night in college after too much grain punch (Mom, close your eyes).

 Is it bad that I am becoming that mother that feels she has to explain her daughter to everyone over and over again? Because folks (and I know this will come back to haunt me), it is official, I have a daughter who is a.... boy. Okay, okay, that's a little harsh. I just mean to say that she,well, let's not sugar coat this, she is made of cockles and shells and puppy dog tails. We were invited to her friend's 4th birthday party. All the girls were in dresses, hair brushed, proper accessories in the proper places and then there was my daughter in......jeans with small hole in the knee (which was full blown by the end of the party), sneakers, Star Wars socks and to complete the ensemble, the beloved Brett Favre jersey size 4T family heirloom which was worn by all three of my kids practically every other day when it was their turn to fit into it.
"I'm sorry," I said to my friend who truly didn't care about Anna's toggery, "I try to get her to wear things that are a little nicer when going to a party but she just goes and changes anyway. If I try to fix her curly hair, she messes it up (she does)...." etc. etc. Nobody really cares, but I guess, I do, more than I care to admit. Shucks.
I can just see it now in ten years....
"Young lady, you are NOT walking out of this house in your brother's over sized, body covering jersey! Now get back in there and find something with spaghetti straps and plunging neckline!"

(I am in so much trouble).


Caatje said…
Yes, you are obviously evil. ;-) I hope your daughter never changes, she's my hero!
Beth HF said…
Love it! Sometimes cranky can be funny so I went with it:) I can learn a lot from Anna, she is fearless and very sure in her ways. I am going to to step out of her way and let her be herself. :)
Ingrid said…
When my daughter was two, she had a mini dreadlock that lived on the back of her head for about three years. One day that summer, she said defiantly, "I want to be Cole!" ( her older brother). It was that day that she literally ripped the cute marimeko jumper off herself- popping the buttons in doing so, and hardly wore another article of feminine clothing until 8th grade when she wore a dress(gasp) to her class semiformal.
She is now mad about fashion(as far as a teenager living in Maine can be) She still doesn't wear dresses, but she spends time accessorizing with colorful scarves and silver jewelry and brushes her own hair every day : )
ps -I love your blog!!
Shanthi said…
i'm sure you may not recall...I never wore skirts. it was always jeans and a tshirt. sneakers. boy stuff. Girl things were always too tedious. Too....pretty to mess up. And for petes' sake (whoever pete is) how am I supposed to ride my bike to my friends house, ride horses and clean horse shit up in a skirt!? I just never got into it. Hell, still haven't really. I'd love to be one of your kids!

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