Do you ever feel like you just don't know where to start?

I work every other day right now. (School is almost out though). Working every other day is good and bad. On one hand it's...every OTHER day (I don't know if you got that). But on the other it's like you never truly concentrate on one thing. You're like a bouncing, home, work, home, work.....don't misunderstand me, please don't. I am happy with working part time. But I would love for it to be less bouncy.
I am looking at my house right now and have no idea what I should get done. My laundry has a movie trailer forming in my head with that deep voice guy, "Laundry......the sequel, the prequel, the DVD with commentary all coming at you....RIGHT NOW.....get it done today....or it could be the END OF THE WORLD."

At the end of this week, I will have all three of my kids at home every day until the end of August as well as half the neighborhood because apparently, YOU DON'T have to clean up at my house. I did not know that.

I am trying to finish.
Trying to get the dang book done.
 Trying not to be upset that Brain,Child is no more (more on that later).
Trying to organize a 40th birthday party 
Give my kids' teachers gifts that SAY IT ALL
Get a little Beth art done because if I don't none of the above will happen.
(let's get on that.......or it could be THE END OF THE WORLD)



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