More Change

I have had a catharsis. Some really great change.....more on that soon.

Last night I was thinking about how weird it is that one of the things that spooks me the most is my own child waddling down the hallway at 3am. I guess I have Stephen King to thank for that, thanks mister. But really, who is afraid of their own child? I mean, you know they are right down the hall, they do live with you....but somehow their PJ padded feet plopping down the hallway is more alarming than, let's say, a ghost. Yes, really. Last night, I lay in my bed in sheer terror that my daughter would pop her wild curly head around the door frame and say something"Mommy I haf to go to da bafroom." It's like a dang horror story, I tell you.


KackyK said…
I have a hope chest that sits behind the bedroom door, so the door doesn't open all the way wide. My 3 year old opens that door in the middle of the night with a huge swoosh bang that almost the whole house pees in their bed when that happens, so.stinkin.scary. I've actually thought of putting a bell or something on her door, so that that would arouse us enough before the BIG BANG!
nacherluver said…
Ha ha ha! Funny post. Strangely enough, I get it! But mine is a bit more horrific. Although I've never read a creepy Stephen King book on kids in hallways (or whatever it was he wrote that made it scary), three out of four of my kids are sleepwalkers. Do you have any clue how creepy that is? And you're not supposed to wake them so it's kinda like zombies walking the halls at night!


More covers please. ;0)
Beth HF said…
Two words=Pet Semetary

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