Rosy Maple Moth

Rosy Maple Moth-soon to show up in artwork

After having two young sons obsessed with bugs, I found myself quickly getting over my fear of insects (yes, old boyfriend, I did NOT like bugs like you did but pretended I did to the point of literally turning myself inside out in fear, oh things we do for love).

Now, I still don't like the up close pictures of their "faces" but I find myself fascinated by them now. It's not often that you see something that you have never seen right there on your front porch. I saw this guy the other night and thought someone had "misplaced" their gum. And he is beautiful don't you think? But really, what chance does this guy have unless he is directly placed on a pink flower, a bowl of sherbet or hanging out in the Hello Kitty store? Nature, you sure are funny.

I've said this before.....when I play soccer with my husband, he'll tell me I played well and I ask but did I LOOK good? (it's a joke, a joke) bravo Rosy Maple moth, you might not live long, BUT MAN, you looked GOOD.


nacherluver said…
Nathalie Nayer said…
ha ha ha :)
Look at my ugly moth! It's here :
Caatje said…
That must be the cutest moth I ever saw!

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