Eye Opening

Yesterday I was reminded that there are some really nasty people in the world and they can get very close to your children. An altercation in front of a family restaurant left me and my kids completely baffled. Our bubble burst. "Mommy," my sweet middle son says, "What is wrong with that lady? Why is she so mean?"I explained that there are some really sad people in the world who don't have happy lives and they get very angry at people sometimes. I could see it, the bubble, pop. Bad people really do exist, how would they know?

Until now.

It's still bothering me. Even though, I did everything right. I felt like I needed to protect my children and had to restrain myself. I'm sure this will happen again.....next time, I'll ask her if she needs ice for her wittle boo boo and if she does she can REACH RIGHT INTO HER SOUL to get it. Ahhhh......I fee better. Beach, here we come.......serenity now.


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