evening studio with new rug

drawing awesome monsters

So, I've been missing. I started off my school year on wooden legs, wobbling. My imbalance had nothing to do with actual teaching. But luckily, the situation was righted. I feel pretty steady now. Life has just been getting the way of being creative....a job, family obligations, babies being born (a wonderful distraction to say the least!), friends dying....

I'm here in my studio by myself. I have not had all three children in school at the same time, ever. Yes, ever. And I have decided that these few hours every other week shall be about whatever I need them to be, but definitely NOT for doing the laundry. I'm hoping this small bit of time will help me be inspired again. It's been awhile.


Elizabeth said…
I'm still working out how to spend my new all-at-school hours. Filling many of them with odd jobs, a little bit of freelance, and too much lack of discipline. Working on it. : )

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