Oh, Art

So, I'm not on here much but you know what? That is totally okay with me.

 Art is my get away right now. It's my cupcake, my comfort food. And I'm really trying to gain some weight on it but I am being so dang nilly about it. I need to make more mistakes. I got all tight. So I am trying to loosen up. The piece above looks loose but it's not. It was labored over and took months (ugh).
I'm finding that writing these days is much more rewarding. I'm producing. The story unfolding. I do believe the art will follow. It's weird to change focus.
I'm trying to do that in my teaching life as well. If you haven't been involved our in public schools in awhile, you'll be unhappy to know just how much teach to the test is happening. The Fine Arts are turning into "extra" when all, I mean, all research shows that the fine arts actually make kids do better in ALL other subjects in school. It's not to "support" or enrich but to raise. If a child can not be creative then he or she will have trouble in any career they seek to enter into-research supports this. And, man, I am getting tired of grading art. So I have been doing a lot of thinking......here are a few things recently that have completely knocked my socks off:

Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly
-also watch her talk on TED
PBS's documentary Arts and the Mind
-you can watch the full two episodes if you click above (if you're a creative, a teacher, well anyone who supports the arts make sure you have tissues on hand, it's revelatory).


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