Adobe Ideas and iPad Mini

rather rudimentary but hey, it's the first thing I've ever drawn on an iPad AND I drew it with my finger

my four year old daughter Anna's tree (also drawn on the new iPad mini)

So I recently found out through Claudine Hellmuth that she uses Adobe Ideas for a lot of her drawing. I have been desperate to cut out the middle man for some of the art that I do. ANd I am hoping, maybe, I could FINALLY get some new stamp designs over to Emily at StampingBella. (It's been waaaaaaaaay too long and I know I'm on some kind of list over there at this point). So I asked Claudine about her stamps and drawing using a iPad. She loves it.

So my dad the technophile that he is, already has the iPad mini. This weekend,  I loaded up the Adobe Ideas on his iPad. I wasn't sure if I could draw on a pad. And would the mini's screen even be big enough? But alas, it's pretty darn cool. I was impressed. And I didn't have a stylus with me so I drew with my finger but I was really surprised about sensitivity of the pad.

Best of all, it vectorizes your art and you can send it right into Illustrator or Photoshop to tweak!!

I have done so much erasing and redrawing with my simple line drawings, which takes so much time.  Years ago, I used Adobe Streamline but we've come a long way since then baby.......worth waiting for! We'll see. I've got to try the stylus first before I start justify buying the iPad. Regardless, it's


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