Fall Seven Times Get Up Eight

my bluebird of happiness.....come perch on my porch again.....soon.

Oh where, oh where, do I start......let's first start with learning one's lessons the REALLY hard way.

(Note:Last year, I went gluten free as suggested by my doctors because one does not argue with lab results that state you are 500 times over the normal limit for normal people  (something, something etc. etc. etc.) in your body...well, except that I did argue it for two years but I have already rode that horse into town so let's move on. So, I have been so very, very, very, happy to be healthy again after getting rid of those pesky gooey things called gluten protein in my diet. Yes, I even feel better than I ever had before.) 

Problem is, is that when you eliminate something out of your diet and it sneaks back in (cough cough) because you were living the wild life of ordering a cobb salad in a movie theatre (I know, I know) then eating it in the dark.....it comes back with a vengeance, like a Taylor Swift song on steroids. And I did this culinary walk on the wild side, the night before I was about to host Thanksgiving for, oh, about 20 or so people.

So, I spent most of my Thanksgiving evening explaining that I was absolutely not contagious (because if it was, I would have given it to every sucker I know by now, just kidding....a little). It's tough being the hostess who is slowly turning a shade of blue right before you while also stuffing her buttered hand inside a turkey, one can think thoughts, who wouldn't? It wasn't too bad an evening but not being able to help clean up after made me feel bad as my sister's in-laws scrubbed my pots and pans. I know they were happy to do it but it just felt so, childish of me. Weirdest thing was....

I didn't EAT ONE SINGLE thing I made that day....the local, free range, organic (expensive) turkey, the gluten free stuffing, the pumpkin pie custards, the homemade cranberry sauce.....thank goodness I didn't actually make my mashed potatoes because that would have sent me over the edge. There's nothing like being sick during the holidays but the worst is when it is preventable. I mean, I was (am) sick because of my own lack of judgment (a.k.a-stupidity). My sister-in-law, let's just call her a sister, Katie reminded me yesterday, we learn things the hard way so that we don't forget the lesson. Oh, so true.

So I saw this other thought today over at Uncommon Goods, a Japanese saying "Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight" and it just resonated with me. I don't think I will be falling down again anytime soon. But tis' the season, there will be a lot of sausage balls floating around and various decorated trays with questionnable sprinkles  and I may be tempted but sigh, I'll just stick to the veggie plate and eat it in a well lit area....damn it!


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