During hurricane Sandy, our power actually stayed on. Out here in the western part of our county, we have a lot, I mean, a lot of trees and they come down hard in storms like that. So we had our flashlights, water, a carafe of coffee (yes, I know), non-perishable goods (Doritos), fire logs and wine. I sat and waited for the lights to go out while the kids had their friends over and had a storm party. Me, I sat down and read and made art. No sense in cooking anything. No sense in getting into a movie, because the power was going to go out at any moment. And for me, it was kind of like the perfect storm. I was totally in the "zone". ah, I have missed the zone.

(I also during this time finally figured out how to print on vellum and tracing paper allowing me more transparent layers. Using spray adhesive and card stock. And now, unfortunately for my nose, I figured out that matte Modge Podge is amazing, I couldn't get my papers to glue flat-if I wanted with the matte medium. If only it didn't stink soooo much.)


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