Quiet Thought

I haven't meant to be off the blog for so long but everyone needs a break sometimes. Also, there is the little fact that each member of my family has been falling to the 103 degree fever throughout the past two weeks. I am the last to fall. Christmas has been nice. The book ending kid birthdays on the 20th and the 30th just adds to the chaos.

I've also been quiet as I have been processing a lot from the Newtown school tragedy. As a parent, I am heartbroken but as a teacher I am doing so much more.....on the Monday after, I found the key to my supply closet in the art room. I sadly, checked to make sure it worked. It does. I calculated how many of my kids I could fit in there. I promptly fell apart. I have never wanted people to understand more that  teachers keep your kids safe everyday, we love them, we think about them even when we aren't teaching them, we open up new worlds for them, we are responsible for them when they are not with you, when they are with us they are our students. My husband texted me that Friday about the shootings during my last class of the day. I snuck over to the computer and looked up the news, turning the screen so my students couldn't see. As I read the unbelievable, I looked out at my sixth graders and gave each one of them a hug in my heart. And I pretended like nothing was going on. In my room, they were so busy being 11 and 12. I knew when they went home that day and saw the tears in their parents' eyes, they would have to grow up a little bit. I took that mental snapshot right before....

Hug a teacher today doesn't even dent the ice but it was nice to see the banner hanging in Newtown. I have never been more sad for these families who I do not know, or more proud of the teachers I do know and the ones in every school, everywhere. It will take more time to heal. I hope in this new year the families find some peace and some quiet thought. My heart is with you.


Elizabeth said…
Thanks for this, Beth. My middle's birthday was on the 14th, and it was extremely difficult to feel the celebration she deserved amidst everything. We also have been handing off the fever thing in our house since about the 19th, and my blog--one of my favorite places and things--has been way too quiet because I don't really know where to start back up respectfully. Sigh. Anyway. Hope you are back to health soon, and happy new year!
Andria said…
So tragic to have to give planning like that any thought! I do want to say, though, that your art piece here is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors!

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