Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speaking of Which

the bookshelf with real books, you can't cut pages out of a Nook, you can't


lucky you, i went all 70's on these photos but it's a rainy day and it fits perfectly (those are GF cookies-not too shabby)

1.  I am trying to go through ALL of the letter tests, this week it's MRI and EMG. If anyone has others to suggest, let me know because surely I have not had enough in the past two years...OMG.

2. I have been reading through almost all of my blog posts from the last five years. Wow.

3. I am writing in list form's easy.

4. I am sitting in my hallway with my laptop on my lap not able to move because I put the 4 and 6 year old to bed for "rests" at 12pm and have been guarding the hallway ever since. Yeah, it's just like glory days of nap time gone by. Except for they aren't napping.

5. Recently, my Kindergarten kid does not want to go to Kindergarten (alas the "rest" he is taking today). Who doesn't WANT to go to Kindergarten? I'm not sure what to do about this because after much interrogation all I can get out of him as to why he doesn't want to go is........wait for it.......he doesn't want to. (argh).

6. I want to look forward to something and I want it to happen, like, tomorrow.

7. Today my littlest one (4) was outside (while waiting for her brother's Kindergarten bus that he did not get on) in her pajamas, no shoes and eating a popsicle (it's like 40 degrees out and drizzling)- mom of the year! I know, how does she do it you're asking.

8. Speaking of which, I saw the movie I Don't Know How She Does It and I still don't know. This is purely one of those cases where the book has got to be better than the movie.  And in a complete flip, the movie The Help was so wonderful and so much better than the book. I don't think I have ever claimed such a thing. It's probably because when I read books, I hear the words and dialogue in my head in my own voice and let me tell you that I do not do a good Southern accent, so thank goodness for amazing actors.

9. Speaking of which, if my life were narrated by someone I wonder who it would be......hmmm....I would cast Tina Fey.

10. And speaking of Tina Fey, I am going to upload her book to my Nook, yes, I know, I know, I went digital. It was a present. I never thought I'd see the day. But Brain,Child went digital too and I have heard that my cartoons have their own page so, well, I want to see them.....but I still love the pages shifting through my fingers and the gloss of a good magazine. And speaking of'll see soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue Leaves

I found this photo in a 1952 National caption really, just blue leaves up in Cape Cod.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The List

Life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible sun within us.
~Sir Thomas Brown

I ate lunch today by a fancy restaurant. Yep. I did. Now, many of you may have already checked this off your list of bold things to do long ago but not me. Now don't get me wrong, I've wolfed down a sandwich or two in a Panera on my lonesome. But I have never had a waiter ALL to myself and it was grand. Like they were waiting on me! Wait a minute......anyway. The food was delicious and I didn't even act like someone was coming to join me or fiddle through my purse for my sketchbook or send texts to my sister (which by the way would have gone something like this.....i am n a restrant by myself! smiley face and she replies what u r n a restraint? You can take it from there.).

The thing is I was (I guess past tense is the correct tense here) so self conscious for like, forever. I never would eat by myself surrounded my conversing couples and family orbits, what would they think of me? Gasp. I can sum up my "sc" by this little story my mom once told me years after the incident, apparently I wouldn't get up to throw my trash away at Kings Dominion (an amusement park) because I told her, "What if people look at me?" (and I quote). As if there is NOT enough to see at an amusement park that people are going to strain their necks to watch a 13 year old stride to the bee infested trash can to discard her lunch and make bets on if she trips or falls or doesn't quite make the launch into the can forcing the embarrassing re-delivery into the can. It's exciting stuff.

In years since, I got well past that low but I've always had some little fringe of it in me. Next I want to go the movies by myself IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY....I know, I lead a crazy life. What's on your list?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop This Train

Sometimes there is a song that sums things up so well, you feel overwhelmed. I heard this years ago one night, I could listen to it over and over again. I'm turning forty in a few weeks and it's not the number, or the wrinkles that bother me the most (although, it weird to not be an "important" demographic according to popular society anymore), it's that my parents are getting older, my aunts and uncles, all of the generation before me. 

It is so not about me.

My husband has been trying to figure out what to do for this pinnacle of a birthday. Usually, I want to get out, kidless, enjoy the evening but I think this year I want the young ones around, my whole family, all of them. And we'll ride the train together and enjoy every minute of it.

I've been trying to sum up my artwork and it it's about that feeling, of being home, of being a kid again, that feeling of comfort, family, the little things.....because I can't "go back again" I do it through my art. I even use some of my favorite books, my trusty Girl Scout manual for one.

Art puts me back in touch, back to 19 Carousel Court (yes, that was my first address). I move things around and draw until it becomes apparent, ah, yes, there it is. By making my art, it seems to make me more permanent, like marking my territory somehow, like telling a story left behind for younger ones to enjoy. (I love that kids like my artwork as much as adults.)

This is a good thing, a necessary need, I need to find that place everyday, that place where I feel home.

I chase it in my artwork all of the time.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

One in a Million

just for almost done, 4 more pages.......this one in a million idea is totally Emily at Stamping Bella's idea. I promise, I am drawing more now that I can feel my hands again!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sketchbook Look

I am guilty of not putting color in my sketchbooks. I don't like how the paper curls or crumples. But I have decided I don't care about that anymore, everything seems to be crinkling round' these parts. So here's to color in the sketchbook.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apocalyptic Pants

little miss getting her z's

Often, after a long day peddling my enthusiasm (which is quite disproportional at times) for art to classrooms full of decibel challenged pre-teens, I find myself at home pulling on the most comfortable clothes possible and then collapsing on the couch (well, maybe just for a minute or two).  Tonight,  I have on a baby soft pair of lounge pants. They were a prized gift this Christmas, fashioned from the softest fleece and dotted with Kermits and Miss Piggys....they are also bright honkin' pink. My mind wanders (it's been reigned in all day), to thinking about shows like Walking Dead (don't click that link if you don't like scary things that bump in the night) or Lost where the characters are found episode after episode in the clothes they just happened to be wearing at the moment of mayhem (plane crash, zombie daughter waking you in your pajamas-run! run!, You know-that sort of thing). And I think as I look down at my attire "Would I be caught dead battling zombies in this?"

(You can use that if you want....when you get dressed at any time of day, just ask yourself that important question above. You're welcome, I do what I can.)

On a different note, we have been, well, make that, I  have been desperate to get rid of our Ikea foam mattress (it seemed like a good idea at the time). The mattress and I have been boxing every night for the past few years. I don't always remember the scuffle but I wake up feeling pummeled all over so I know it happens. I don't know what I was thinking, the less is more Scandinavian thing I think is wonderful and I do have many Ikea "pieces" that I love, love, love (like my drawing table)....but not when it comes to a mattress. I am the momma bear of the "too soft" kind. I want to literally sink into my mattress, to be swallowed up, undetectable to children coming in to ask me for juice. "Is Mom in there?", they will ask and turn back bewildered to the kitchen.
So I walked into a mattress store last Sunday and bought the cushiest one possible, no kidding. Tonight will be the test, I will not be ducking, weaving or  bobbing....just nodding.... my Kermit pants.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nighttime Studio

working in a simple illustration style

my "on the side art"-while working on the book, I'm filling up these gumball machines

anyone read The Ghost of Windy Hill? I happened upon this book the other day in my favorite discard pile

does this say it or what? (by the way-this is the best smelling lotion of all time).

Just a few nighttime glow of the studio pictures.....I've been so spinning head busy as of the bottle, Beth- RELAX AND THINK CLEARLY....ahhhhhh......

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On the Radio

Think I'll probably change the bottom fabric on this one? This has been on my to do list for months-ahhhh, happy. I'm working on a children's book right now. I always like to have "art on the side" while I'm working on a project. It's distracting and helps me get my mind off something that isn't working right or poking at my perfectionism. I could really get rid of that attribute. Note to self-new year's resolution- make more mistakes...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Something Fun

what a wonderful installation by Yayoi Kusama

art is really stressing me out right now and it shouldn't and so here's this.