Monday, July 30, 2012

You're Never Truly Dressed Without a Smile

sometimes black and white makes you see things you wouldn't in color

I wonder if it's bad that making artwork directly correlates to how happy I am, well more than I thought before. If I'm in a rut, then I don't seem to be in a good mood. Okay, we all know that happy, happy, happy ALL the time is:

A. Not possible and
B. Not healthy but you get my drift.

So, here's to a week of posting just whatever I am fooling around with and then it's off to the beach. Where I am just going to let it all go, the stress, all of it and just enjoy myself. The world can wait. I need it.

P.S-My nephew is so wonderful. I am so thrilled with that little guy.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maine Part 2

Because I was gripping so much about summer in my last post here are some more beautiful photos of Maine....where I think I should "summer", if only!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Top Ten Reasons.....

Maine summers.......I think I like them.
 Saying you're not a summer person is kind of like saying that you don't like babies or that you don't like having any fun. It's time for me to sell you Fall and Winter yet again:

1. Jeans

2. Jeans that don't stick to you because of the heat and humidity (c'mon, I know it may be cool to wear those jeans out at night with a sequinny little top but really, you know you are cursing them as you peel them off every time you have to use the bathroom because of all those cranberry somethings that you drank so fast beacuse, damn it, it's freakin' hot).

3. Clothes for Fall and Winter can decidedly be more 20-30 something or other....I mean, in the summer, you are either in Mom shorts, the kind with the pockets that pucker out or you look slutty AND it is really, really hard to find the in between. I love that my sister years ago declared that she was never wearing shorts ever again and to my knowledge she has stuck with it-you go girl.

4. Shorts are invitably ugly.

5. Sweating is gross. (I'm pretty sure that there is some type of pig or warthog who would totally love my soccer bag, it's full of sweaty shin guards, cleats and's so bad that I have to put it in the trunk of my car just to travel to a game because it smells THAT bad-I can't believe I just said that).

6. You should be outside because it's sunny but you can die of skin cancer......which brings me to my other summer grievance. Let's face it, we all look better with a tan but that is now FORBIDDEN. As well, it should be.....but my skin tans really easily. I can't help it, it just does, even with SPF 50 which is what I use (I know I just lost my last few readers on that one-sob, sob). I know you can get skin cancer in winter or fall too. But now I get tan in the summer and I can't help it and people are looking at me like I am shooting up heroin right in front of them at the grocery store by shopping with a tan. I am just waiting to hear (because I know they are out there) someone tell me that having a tan can kill me. waiting.....

7. I have all three kids at home with me at ALL times...because, I chose to be a teacher and teachers don't teach in the summer, I know, the nerve.

8. You always feel like at the end of summer that you should have enjoyed it more, should have hiked the AT, swam more laps, gone on a picnic, take the kids to this place and the end of the other seasons we don't so this, evaluate what we have done. No one says, "Hey Tom, what'd YOU do this winter?"  just so he can talk about how he and his family bought a snow blower. So, it's kind of stressful to pack it all in. That's why I usually leave my summers pretty unstructured which also leads to slowly going crazy because, well, see #7.

9. No real good sports to watch...well, okay, this is my husband's grievance, but let's him have it, shall we?

10.  I can snowboard. But I can NOT get up on a wakeboard (never, ever have I gotten up) and folks, I have said it before, if I don't do it well, I don't do it all. And there's only so much I can do on a boat......other than damn it, get a tan.

P.S-I love the local fruits and vegetables in summer, the beach, the summery drinks, the no student drama, time with my kids when they are all getting along, I do . And the above is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only, I mean, really, I'm just doing my usual complaining about something and making it sound funny, it's a disguise......really.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things A Goin' On

this moment lasted approximately 5 minutes.....


we've bought another (with our allowance) helicopter thingy that will break at any moment causing me to say the Nevermore of mothers....I told you so.

We've no one to play with this week and so I am throwing out the email that most mothers love to get, give me your child, children, give them all to me, leave them here all day and I will return them when we are all played out.

I actually did not remember how to hold a newborn today (Susan, avert your eyes) actually, it took me a few holds to get my touch back. I can't believe it but I am slowly turning into the sister with the older children instead of the sister with three kids under the age of 5, yee gawds.

I got so fuming mad about the 50 Shades of Gray books (being so poorly written and blah blah blah, such) that I started writing my own "love"'s just for fun but I think I am really enjoying it. It's like I finally have a container for all of the word pictures that my mind makes....we'll see.

the art. oh the art. i am drawing but slowly like the pen tip is dragging through molasses. Emily, more soon, I promise. (been writing, see above).

just read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and loved it. loved it. would have thought of a better ending but.....when you read the first page, you realize that you have never read ANYTHING like it before.
then went on to read Sharp Objects and I am liking Dark Places even better, but both not nearly as brilliant as Gone Girl but who can blame her, she seems to just be getting better and better as a writer and that's awesome.

got my bike fixed.
bought a sport swim suit.
swam 20 laps.
thinking of tri-ing again (hmmmm)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maine Part One

The Blue House, Boothbay Harbor

our pier

dinner every. single. night.

yes, the weather was 80 and sunny every day

the gang on Squirrel Island

I have over 600 photos from this amazing trip. What a wonderful time had by all. I am planning on writing a bit more on here this summer. But now, laundry and more beautiful photos to come. Also, going to go see my brand new nephew today. My smile is already hurting.