Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do It Anyway!

Such beautiful Fall days we are having here in Virginia. And I am so excited right now because the new Ben Folds Five is out and I think I have found my new anthem....see below!

Friday, September 14, 2012


work in progress

So I am still working in this postcard format but hoping to branch out a bit. I've been playing with watercolor and pencil and will see where that goes. I'm just glad to be making things again. That good ole' ebb and flow. It also helps A LOT to have a few hours to myself, with quiet, so I hear myself think. Have a wonderful weekend. We will be going to the Bluemont Fair and of course, four soccer games. It's a good thing I love soccer because we play it 7 days a week, really. I'm also going with my girlfriends to our friend Melissa's opening in Georgetown in DC. She's an amazing artist and we are all going to try our best to look super cool and "with it" for her (ha ha ha), I need new shoes......

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i left the "tooth" on this scan because I lost the detail otherwise


(otherwise known as why I don't post as much as I would actually like, really, really)

Me: Why do we pay 60 bucks for internet that is as slow as molasses?

Husband: Because we have a really old router.

Me: Why do we have a really old router?

Husband: Because _______(internet service) doesn't provide them anymore.

Me: Can we just buy one ourselves?

Husband: Well, yes, we could do that.

Three years later.........

The thing with Fullerland is that you practically could insert any, absolutely any household object into that above conversation and it would hold true for us (exceptions being, the heating/cooling system and the TV).

The image above is a drawing with watercolor detail that I am really enjoying. It's so hard to show you the detail because of the kind of paper I drew it on. If you try to wash out the tooth of the background in Photoshop you also lose detail the drawing. I am sure there is a way to get around this, oh technology, dear Photoshop, but I've tried before and nothing really works.
I started drawing with pencil again because I am teaching 7th grade this year and we are doing a unit on shading, value and pencil. It's nice when teaching reminds you of what you love. (then there's the reality of 30, 13 year olds in one room but what can you do? smile).

Monday, September 10, 2012


evening studio with new rug

drawing awesome monsters

So, I've been missing. I started off my school year on wooden legs, wobbling. My imbalance had nothing to do with actual teaching. But luckily, the situation was righted. I feel pretty steady now. Life has just been getting the way of being creative....a job, family obligations, babies being born (a wonderful distraction to say the least!), friends dying....

I'm here in my studio by myself. I have not had all three children in school at the same time, ever. Yes, ever. And I have decided that these few hours every other week shall be about whatever I need them to be, but definitely NOT for doing the laundry. I'm hoping this small bit of time will help me be inspired again. It's been awhile.