Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ask Me About Printable For Teachers

Ask Me About Printable available here

My sister who is a Kindergarten teacher told me the other day that she had done a search for an Ask Me About printable and voila, her google search returned nothing. And I got excited. I had just heard one of the men in the Professionals segment on the Today show talk about how he loved getting these from teachers. I created the template above so that teachers can simply plop it into Word or whatever program they desire, create a text box and type up some questions, you, the parent may want to ask your child about what they learned that week in school. Because we all know if you just ask, "What did you do in school today/this week?" you get the sound of crickets or, my favorite, uh nothing. We all know that is not the case.

P.S- Because of Sandy, I got so much artwork done and am reading possibly the best book on education, creativity ever.....more on that later.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


really getting back into drawing techniques-yes, I know she has no face, she just looks better that way,
it's Halloween-work with it

So the other day, I ripped my modem out of the wall and marched it into Best Buy, full well knowing I wasn't going to buy a new modem. Really, I was just looking for verification that I, indeed, was holding an ancient artifact.
The Best Buy Guy looked at it, turned it over in his hand and said in disbelief, "This is THE ONE you are currently using?" (validation-check!)  He shuffled me over to a few wifi modem/routers that they carried, I looked them over and then shoved my fossil into my bag and proceeded home.

Now, I've pulled my modem out before, whacked it over the head, done the plug and re-plug hoping to shake out just one more megabyte of download/upload speed. But every time I plugged it back in, it  worked, grudgingly.
This time, nothing. Laptop, not talking to modem, modem not talking to router, wall not talking to plug. I'm screwed. Especially since my husband often works from home and needs the wifi. THIS day, he was coming home specifically so I could go and hear the First Lady speak at our local fairgrounds. (Who, is an inspiring woman, regardless of your party affiliation, I think). He is not very keen on emailing his top clients through his Droid Razor....imagine that.

So, we made an appointment with our carrier, Comcast, who amazingly now provides customers with  the wifi modem we needed two years ago (and why they didn't before is some kind of weird, surely most households have wifi. Comcast acted like we were asking them why they don't supply the lap top too.) And so they came and updated our modem. Voila, my computer works online again. Happy gal.

P.S-By the way, the reason why the modem didn't work was some sort of crazy coincidence with one of Comcast's lines going down on our street, no one else had internet either.  I got to save some serious-I'm not just a crazy lady lady yanking modems out of the wall-face. Okay, I am.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Oh, Art

So, I'm not on here much but you know what? That is totally okay with me.

 Art is my get away right now. It's my cupcake, my comfort food. And I'm really trying to gain some weight on it but I am being so dang nilly about it. I need to make more mistakes. I got all tight. So I am trying to loosen up. The piece above looks loose but it's not. It was labored over and took months (ugh).
I'm finding that writing these days is much more rewarding. I'm producing. The story unfolding. I do believe the art will follow. It's weird to change focus.
I'm trying to do that in my teaching life as well. If you haven't been involved our in public schools in awhile, you'll be unhappy to know just how much teach to the test is happening. The Fine Arts are turning into "extra" when all, I mean, all research shows that the fine arts actually make kids do better in ALL other subjects in school. It's not to "support" or enrich but to raise. If a child can not be creative then he or she will have trouble in any career they seek to enter into-research supports this. And, man, I am getting tired of grading art. So I have been doing a lot of are a few things recently that have completely knocked my socks off:

Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly
-also watch her talk on TED
PBS's documentary Arts and the Mind
-you can watch the full two episodes if you click above (if you're a creative, a teacher, well anyone who supports the arts make sure you have tissues on hand, it's revelatory).