All the Right Things About Instagram

Norse the Rabbit.

old barn I run by (ok-jog)

student made snowflake hanging throughout my classroom

warm cup of coffee

one of my wonderful 7th graders made this necklace for me

Glass Haus-Charlottesville

reading at our local library

my kiddo drawing on my Promethean board on my workday-brought the kids with since Grandma was sick. They never complain about having to spend time in my ART ROOM, one of the perks.

So one of the things I was so excited about when I got my grubby middle aged hands on my iPhone was to immediately download Instagram. So that I could take pictures for.....for.......well, basically myself. My Instagram is simply moments I want to remember, every day moments, like a year in pictures/snapshots.

But I have come to the realization that with all of these cool internet tools, I'm using them like cro-magnon man used the wheel......LOOK everybody, it can roll down the hill! So, alas, I use Instagram for just one purpose......I take the picture when that little thought bubble comes up to the top of my brain....."I'd like to remember this." Snap. And put a nifty little filter on it. Voila.

(Also,  I just found out via my students, that kids aren't really using Facebook anymore, they are using Instagram. And they are not using it for posting pictures of old barns and bunnies.)
My husband and I just did our own version of an After School Special (if you're too young to remember those 4pm beauties then you are definitely reading the wrong blog, by the way (see how I spelled that out-old school, man......oh wow. ). We found our son using Instagram pictures of his new snowboard (ok, cool), a picture about a spoon attacking him (oh, he's ready for middle school), and to talk to A GIRL. All of a sudden, it's a whole new world. So, we had the talk about internet safety, responsibility, like how everything you put out there is written in Sharpie and not Crayola Washable and not to post anything you wouldn't want your mother seeing.....etc. AND, we made him let me "follow" him, cause, oh yeah, this mom is friending her kids and "following" them too. And then, they will friend and follow me......because I just know that my son wants artfully filtered pictures of cups of coffee and pics of his sister at the library. But I see it like this, your mother loves you and she will remind you and she will embarrass you sometimes too but there's no special filter that will bring back your youth and I intend to capture it and keep it and maybe sometimes post it.....and I'll follow you forever, that's a promise.


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