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 All right....all right.....all right....ONCE upon a time I was 29 years old, cute and on the lower end of the BMI healthy range and living in the city. I lived with my fiance (now my husband) in a 1200 square foot apartment in Cleveland Park, Washington DC where our rent was as much as our mortgage on a four bedroom home is now. We drank coffee from the local bean shop and took strolls down Connecticut Avenue. Went for runs through Rock Creek park (unbeknownst to me and unfortunately right past poor Chandra Levy, yes, sigh) We named the giraffes in the National Zoo, I called the baby Zippy and claimed him as MINE. The Uptown theater was right across the street, we always sat in the balcony, a movie there is an experience. We had parquet flooring, a window the size of our wall, a view of the National Cathedral, an envelope sized kitchen with classic black and white tiled floor. But nothing about my life there looked like this. Okay, I do realize this puts me in the 40 year old mother of three, once an Indie hipster gal turned domestic who is apparently jealous of twenty/thirty something creative WONDER couples, with no kids, and copious amounts of unfiltered creativity that they apparently have on tap. I know, but I am sure, sure, sure, sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about and you are quietly fist pumping our abilities to not buy into the pink clear glass vase look and arranging our books into pastel color families that would mean constant vigilance to keep pristine, ordered and unbroken in our households. I can't help it, it's ridiculous. Whew, I feel better now.

Actually, I very rarely visit sites these days that make me feel that someone else is living better, cooler, hipper.....who needs it. (which brings me to my Pinterest worries... I get this feeling that people are using it to make themselves feel bad, defeated that they aren't making cute paper organizers out of leftover pizza boxes, sprayed in metallic....oh, you get the idea-this Pinterest thing is a whole other post...)

I recently took my daughter into DC to go to the zoo. We scooted through the animal exhibits, even viewing a chest beating show from a huge gorilla (which was really really cool), but, sigh,  no giraffes. They weren't there anymore, perhaps they too decided to head to the suburbs.

It's not that you have to give up the things you love when you become a parent or enter into a relationship but it does change. The pastel paper thin vases balanced precariously on the mantel turn into family photos, the glasses, sippy cups. And it's all good, it's not going to be featured over at Design Sponge but that's okay with me........I used to have a giraffe and nothing is better than that.


Vesna said…
I think your post made me feel better that my floors are covered with toys, legoes, mismatched shoes, socks that I can't tell if they fell out of the clean laundry basket or the kids took them off their feet and let them fall right there where they took them off. My walls have become murals of kids drawings and stickers. My dad who visited a few weeks ago wanted to paint the kids' room and I told him not to. No point, with a 4 and 6 yr old in the house, it's only a matter of days when a freshly painted room becomes a perfect opportunity for some new murals. Anyway.....most days I am ok, because there was time when I was 20 some, and no kids, and time to have a prefectly organized home, but that time is gone now. And there will be time again when I am 60 some and my house will have the opportunity to be perfectly decorated and then occasionally messed up by grandkids (hopefully). For now we do have a zoo pass and we are lucky that we live in a place with good weather most of the year, so zoo days happen once a month. Take care and thank you for the post and for making me feel that I am not alone.
jenni said…
Thank you!!!!!
This is so true.

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