this old print of mine is exactly how I feel

soooooo....I have the flu. Type B that is. I'll bet you didn't know there even was a type A and type B, well, I didn't. Seems appropriate that I didn't get type A flu though (get it?).

I dragged my chill ridden, raw throated, appetite lacking, cough hacking self to the doctors and they swabbed my nose as if they were doing a brain biopsy. Poor nose started bleeding and I started crying-what is it about being sick that makes me so emotional? So, you have the flu, my doctor says. At least he was really handsome and funny about it, also comforting because he said he got this flu too even though he had gotten the vaccine. So it's not entirely my fault for not having gotten the flu vaccine this year. Everyone else in my family did though, of course. I dragged my three kids on a Friday afternoon through a drenching, pouring thunderstorm into the germ infested doctor's office just to get the flu mist in December. But me, nope, didn't get one because my doctor's office was out of them.
It's day four and my butt hurts from half sitting and laying on it.
Thought I'd get up today and do some dishes (I know sounds like fun right?), dropped my favorite mug and broke it. Ran upstairs and went back to bed.

And now I am on like day 6? (who knows). I am better but still feel really, really funky. The only kind of flu that I have had before was the stomach kind and you know when that's over, when you can finally keep food down. I have the feeling that I am just going to have to take it easy for awhile.


Hi, i love your site, all of your drawings/doodles. I just wish i could draw a little.
Caatje said…
The flu sucks! I have been there about five weeks ago, no idea if it was type A or B (never heard of that), but I do no it was not fun. Hope you are well soon.

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