quilting papers together

my son making collage monsters

leaving the inn

this is the Inn where we had out wedding reception-it wasn't abandoned at the time

tree on my "jog/walk" from over two weeks ago

my sister's handiwork

So the flu has turned into this week long headache/sinus thing that it driving me absolutely bonkers. I'm not a nap person (although, I can say they are nice every once in awhile) but that is all I have felt like doing for days now. In fact, I took a nap last night after work for 30 minutes, a nap yesterday on the couch for 90 minutes and a nap the day before that for like 2 hours....this could be left over from the flu right? I'm going to have some, I hope so. This has also seemed like the longest winter ever. I'm actually looking forward to Spring. I even have my allergy meds stocked up.


Caatje said…
I'm just in awe that you quilt papers together by hand, I always use my sewing machine (no patience person). Hope you get some energy soon.
Elizabeth said…
I have an oldie book called Paper Quilting by Bridget Hoff that I've always loved, do you know it? Probably so, but if not, it's worth checking out (even though it's a little dated in style now). Hope you're feeling better!! Nothing worse than dragging out a fatigue-inducing illness :P

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