Bright Tree

This is a little bright for me but kind of working outside of my color comfort zone. I've got a lot going on right now, hopefully some good change.

Last night, I complained to my husband that I was NEVER going to make it to the Olympics.
"In what?", he asks. (A good question).
"Oh, I don't know, running, swimming, anything! Because I can't get the pain in my foot to stop. It's this messed up nerve thingy. And I've done all of the PT, the three months-no running, no soccer, strength training, icing, Motrining (yes, it's a verb with me), all of that and still sheer pain will strike me like lightning. AND I am never going to make it to the Olympics!"

He laughs, "Oh, well, yeah, that's the reason you aren't going to make it. That makes perfect sense."


Andria said…
Husbands are so helpful, aren't they? Ha! I've had your blog bookmarked for quite awhile, Beth, and am happy to have come for a visit today. I have enjoyed looking back through your past posts, and admiring your collage style and your art.
Beth HF said…
Andria-Thanks so much! I have been blog slacking for awhile now and I am trying to make and post more art. Your sweet comments are so encouraging. Love.

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