Orange Elephant

As I scanned this in, I totally realized what was missing. Sooo...I'll add it later. There's much too much off white.  I just don't do the "busy" collages well. I am too ordered with my artwork. I should really try to loosen up, really, but I've been saying that for years and I am not even sure how to do it. Advice?


Vesna said…
Hmm I don't really have an advice, just a comment that I feel similar sometime. I admire the busy stuff, but my brain can't do busy things. I think it's fine, don't overthink it.
Elizabeth said…
Advice: just be yourself. I love everything you ever post here : ) I find I do this with design and scrapbooking too, where I keep feeling like I need to add stuff, when really it's just fine the way it is! I suffer from acute "but what if I added this" syndrome. Have to talk myself down a lot, ha.

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