If You Had Fun, You Won.

how i made my marbles

my color palette came from Station Wagon Holidays (a new find!)
work on the left is something new

inside the book

one of my favorite pages

 So I loved all of the colors in the Ford's Treasury Station Wagon Living and that's where I got my colors for my marble piece.

And, since I grew up in a station wagon, Caprice Classic, white and mammoth sized, I am enjoying the book immensely. (We called her the white whale by the way.)

I also remember the way way back, our back seat that had you riding backwards and peering right at the drivers behind you. I am sure it was only a little bit unnerving to be the driver behind us.

Now for a more earthy palette:

painting on an old book binder

I'm sealing the stain and adding layers of Sap Green and Payne's Gray-oh, so nature.

after I am done sealing and layering, I'm going to draw/paint in white ink into the waves, bones, shells, flowers, coral, odd things that don't belong in the sea. In the style as the flowers above. I'm entering this piece or one similar in a juried show. Once again, don't care if I win, which be nice just want to BE A PART.

And that folks is something to live by: as a wise PE teacher says to my children. "If You Had Fun, You WON." Use that however you like. I do.
In fact, I have a huge dent in my left shin bone. How did I get this you ask? Well on the day before the 3rd of July my husband and I stayed up late watching silly scary movies and having a few libations, it was all laughs and good times like a happy couple should have. But because, I HATE, "battening down the hatches", when it was finally time to go to bed, I decided to sprint up the stairs and leave him behind to lock up (I know, HOW nice of me). I thought it was funny, until SLAM, I slipped and rammed my shin bone into the step riser....almost to the bone.
BUT, say it with me, did I have fun? Yes. So, I won....and I have a pretty big scar to remind me.


Elizabeth said…
My Gracie does that run-up-the-stairs-and-dent-her-shin thing about once a month. Her shins are scary. Child doesn't know how to walk up the stairs, EVER.

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