My Entry

Ok, so I had so much fun making this. And the bonus, now I've got tons of leftover hand painted marbles to work into other pieces.  I didn't look at what anybody else was doing for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I just made what I wanted to. And folks, that is the best result. I'm not worried about making a top 50 or a top anything. I don't get to do the judging, that is out of my hands. I made the journal I would buy. In fact, I'll get these printed up anyway! (I'll fix the journal label first though-want it to be smoother). The theme was old fashioned playground. I wanted to do playground games, mainly, I wanted to either make jacks or marbles. And, jacks, not that much fun to draw, since they are so 3D. That probably won't stop me in the future though since I really want to paint up the red bouncy ball. (Me and my red spot color). I know most artists are actually drawing playgrounds but my thought was to bring in fun color through the marbles. Underneath is the classic lined handwriting paper I found in closet at school many years ago, faded and browning. I wanted to put some old marble manual page in the back but it was too busy.
Still one month left of summer for me.
More marbles-a-coming.


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