Paper Dolls

I meant to scan this before I sent it off but you can get the idea. I've been drawing what I call "paper dolls". I cut them out and arrange them so they are kind of paper doll-like. These two sisters are actually all drawn, without cut out clothes. I love the idea of little girls in their bathing suits. It's the epitamy of youth, before we are embarrassed to put on our swimming garb. (Maybe you are not, so just skip over that part.) In the background (which you have seen before) is a letter from my Great Aunt Ellen to her sister, my grandma Ruth. My great Aunt didn't talk to my grandmother for over ten years because of something simple, like fighting over a sweater. These two kind of represent them. One older than the other. Both a little concerned. I want to make more, not sure how they will come about. Now onto the BIG challenge. I think I've got something brewing. Woohoo.


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