Boyleston Street

There's just something about the first leaf inside a book where someone has laid claim, marked a date or proclaimed their love for another. I've got a series of these. So simple and fun.

P.s-I'm not a bitter person at all so this is not coming from a place of well, bitterness, but the Lilla Rogers contest winners...well, I guess I didn't get the memo about weird creepy children and foxes being the subject matter they were looking for (and nothing really new, fresh or "outstanding", except, I liked Aimee Sicuro's). Also, if you dig a little further, most of the winners are current students of the Make Art That Sells class she offers...hmmm.......I think I detect a little teacher's petness going on. Still, I've been making some things I truly enjoy because I engaged myself in the process of entering the contest so really, that sells for me.


Caatje said…
Sorry you didn't go further. Although I actually like the style of most of the semi-finalists (or what do you call them) my first impression was that 90% was made by the same person. You saying that a lot of them are in the same class could explain that.
Oh well, Lilla's just not ready for you yet! ;-)

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