A B C.....

In order to get better at painting in watercolor, I'm embarking on a series...the alphabet, boy's set and girl's set (with purples, pink, orange, red, green and blues). Don't worry, each will have a soccer ball-ha! Each one will get better....that's the plan, YES!. (And of course,  I've already planned on going back and re-doing some once I turn into a WC expert!) The thing is, no one has ever taught me how to paint in watercolor, ever. I've figured it all out but I'll admit, it's not easy. Well, sometimes. A few things I am learning......

1.Make it quick, don't over work, heavens it gets muddy FAST.
2. I think I'd like to take a class but can't find any in our area that work with my schedule. Like 7pm Sunday night would work. I'm actually thinking about contacting the instructor of one of the local classes and seeing if I could do like a two hour private lesson....it's that or BOOKS. I get too impatient with YouTube......too many bad videos.
3. Practice, practice, practice.
4. Invest in better paint (I'm using Winsor Newton Cotman series right now and sable brushes) and brushes. Paint is expensive but not bank breaking, but oh man, the brushes! I found a $600 brush today and almost choked on my breakfast.

I've been peeking at neighbor, Golly Bard's blog to get some tips from her. I love her art and her colors. I'm of course, doing something very different for these letters but ...actually maybe I should ask her for help (she lives a few towns away) but then I would feel like I was stalking her....but I'm not, really!

So you see, I'm not going in alphabet order. The "Q" is for my godson, Quinn. And the "P" is for my nephew.
I've set up a new Etsy shop called Carousel Court (yes, I grew up in Carousel Court here in Virginia). And when I have the first alphabet done, I'm going to put prints up.

I'm on to the "B".....then "S"......then hopefully, I can get back to ABC "order". I'm excited to take a whole alphabet picture. Whoopeeee!


Elizabeth said…
Fun! I love a good project. I've been working on some hand-lettering ones... bought some good pens last fall and of course now I'm eyeing the next level up... you can spend as much as you want on art supplies in a perfect world, ha.

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