Saturday, February 23, 2013

white ink

I've found that I love, love, love HOT press watercolor. Duh, how have I not figured this out sooner. And, I finally found a white pen that works!! It's a UniBall Signo UM-153. I've just been experimenting lately. I'm also enjoying Derwents' Graphitint pencils with a little bit of color. I've been busy writing actually and working on some other projects so this blog has been neglected. But I guess not having time to post ain't so bad really. More later.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love You

by Sara Teasdale

When April bends above me
And finds me fast asleep,
Dust need not keep the secret
A live heart died to keep.

When April tells the thrushes,
The meadow-larks will know,
And pipe the three words lightly
To all the winds that blow. 

Above his roof the swallows,
In notes like far-blown rain,
Will tell the little sparrow
Beside his window-pane.

O sparrow, little sparrow,
When I am fast asleep,
Then tell my love the secret
That I have died to keep.


Friday, February 01, 2013

Reality Studio

works in progress


I once heard that if an artist's studio isn't messy then there isn't much getting done in there.
I also heard that you should never trust anyone who doesn't drink coffee.
And that if you flush ice cubes down your toliet, it will snow.
Also heard recently that I am the best Mom evr. (I'm really liking that award).