Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If You Had Fun, You Won.

how i made my marbles

my color palette came from Station Wagon Holidays (a new find!)
work on the left is something new

inside the book

one of my favorite pages

 So I loved all of the colors in the Ford's Treasury Station Wagon Living and that's where I got my colors for my marble piece.

And, since I grew up in a station wagon, Caprice Classic, white and mammoth sized, I am enjoying the book immensely. (We called her the white whale by the way.)

I also remember the way way back, our back seat that had you riding backwards and peering right at the drivers behind you. I am sure it was only a little bit unnerving to be the driver behind us.

Now for a more earthy palette:

painting on an old book binder

I'm sealing the stain and adding layers of Sap Green and Payne's Gray-oh, so nature.

after I am done sealing and layering, I'm going to draw/paint in white ink into the waves, bones, shells, flowers, coral, odd things that don't belong in the sea. In the style as the flowers above. I'm entering this piece or one similar in a juried show. Once again, don't care if I win, which be nice just want to BE A PART.

And that folks is something to live by: as a wise PE teacher says to my children. "If You Had Fun, You WON." Use that however you like. I do.
In fact, I have a huge dent in my left shin bone. How did I get this you ask? Well on the day before the 3rd of July my husband and I stayed up late watching silly scary movies and having a few libations, it was all laughs and good times like a happy couple should have. But because, I HATE, "battening down the hatches", when it was finally time to go to bed, I decided to sprint up the stairs and leave him behind to lock up (I know, HOW nice of me). I thought it was funny, until SLAM, I slipped and rammed my shin bone into the step riser....almost to the bone.
BUT, say it with me, did I have fun? Yes. So, I won....and I have a pretty big scar to remind me.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Entry

Ok, so I had so much fun making this. And the bonus, now I've got tons of leftover hand painted marbles to work into other pieces.  I didn't look at what anybody else was doing for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I just made what I wanted to. And folks, that is the best result. I'm not worried about making a top 50 or a top anything. I don't get to do the judging, that is out of my hands. I made the journal I would buy. In fact, I'll get these printed up anyway! (I'll fix the journal label first though-want it to be smoother). The theme was old fashioned playground. I wanted to do playground games, mainly, I wanted to either make jacks or marbles. And, jacks, not that much fun to draw, since they are so 3D. That probably won't stop me in the future though since I really want to paint up the red bouncy ball. (Me and my red spot color). I know most artists are actually drawing playgrounds but my thought was to bring in fun color through the marbles. Underneath is the classic lined handwriting paper I found in closet at school many years ago, faded and browning. I wanted to put some old marble manual page in the back but it was too busy.
Still one month left of summer for me.
More marbles-a-coming.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Paper Dolls

I meant to scan this before I sent it off but you can get the idea. I've been drawing what I call "paper dolls". I cut them out and arrange them so they are kind of paper doll-like. These two sisters are actually all drawn, without cut out clothes. I love the idea of little girls in their bathing suits. It's the epitamy of youth, before we are embarrassed to put on our swimming garb. (Maybe you are not, so just skip over that part.) In the background (which you have seen before) is a letter from my Great Aunt Ellen to her sister, my grandma Ruth. My great Aunt didn't talk to my grandmother for over ten years because of something simple, like fighting over a sweater. These two kind of represent them. One older than the other. Both a little concerned. I want to make more, not sure how they will come about. Now onto the BIG challenge. I think I've got something brewing. Woohoo.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Beat Cream

Summer has been busy so far!
I'm putting together a what I have been thinking about post.....let's see.....

Man, I really need a good book. I spent all last week reading a book that was so good until the last third of it. I felt cheated. The main character completely folded. She was running from an abusive husband and I was cheering her on, go girl! Go girl......OH, no don't do that, why are you doing that? Shut the book. Shucks. And who knows what happened.

I've been in an art holding pattern for a really long time now. I've waiting for the right flow to come ashore and since it hasn't happened, I'm just going to make stuff anyway. And, gasp, it can stink if it wants to, and you, my friends will never know (a ha ha...insert evil laugh).....because I'll just keep it to myself....we shall see how this works out.

I also, entered the Lilla Rogers Talent Search. I found them through Claudine Hellmuth. And I have thought, yep, I would be a good fit for them. And since the stinky stuff is staying with me, I'll just be sure to send them my best.

The first assignment is absolutely fantastic and something I can completely work with. My brain has been turning ideas around like a cement mixer. Now, to get to work.