Unexpected Day Off

(yes, I know winter is over but this was a fun winter, I've got to say)

So, popping in here. My son is home sick and so I am off today. Thought, oh yeah, I've got this blog I've neglected.....

So, figuring out how to work media into my watercolor/drawings.
Figured out that the Black Prismacolor colored pencil is the best for sketching.
That I LOVE TO DRAW so the drawing part is central.
Watercolor looks great with scribbling....drawing etc.

There's more under way. But I am pleased with my "figuring out".
The way, I like to illustrate is simple. I think picture books are great but honestly sometimes I think the really complex, fine art books are too much for kids. I love them but kids are more drawn (pun intended) to art that looks like something they could do. That's exactly what I loved about Sendak and others who had strong drawing skills. I thought, as a kids, hey, I could do this too. And isn't that what it's all about.

Teaching has been fun. My kids are 99.9% fantastic. I get to spend my time actually teaching now and I am thrilled. Every once in awhile we have a little behavior issue but it's basically like I've been given the nicest, sweetest kids ever. I am blessed.
(still looking forward to summer though:)


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