Sick Days

I do realize the middle is's always something.

I've been sick for the past five days.
First two days, some nasty Halloween candy chuck full of gluten spun me out. (P.S-Reece's Seasonal peanut butter cups, of course my favorites, are not gluten free, I repeat, not gluten free.)
And then congestion moved in.
I have not taken two sick days in a row, like ever. And I haven't had an actual sick day since having kids in many, many years. I laid on the couch, slept, ate soup, watched Wish I Were Here, oh so wonderful. And realized that during the school year, I am never ever home during the day. This time that I was home for for so many years, like the past eight (well at least two or three days a week I was home). I find myself envious of my neighbor across the street, leisurely walking her daughter in her stroller while her two older kids are in school and I say very loudly, "Oh must be nice." So snarky. So snarky.

But I had that time at home and then when the opportunity (perfect one at that) presented itself, I needed to go back to work full time.
These days, I realize that having a job is like the holy grail and having one like mine is hitting the lottery. It's just that it doesn't leave much room for my own creativity.

Tired feet, tired body. It's not the same at 42 as when I first started at 28. Now with three kids too.
Winter is easier for me. The boys play basketball and it's local, three miles down the road. My daughter and I kind of hibernate. When offered art classes, dance or something she might be interested in, she still chooses mom.

I wrote about two thousand words today. Pushing my rock up the hill. I'm just past halfway. It's a good thing to do on a sick day, suped up on cold meds.
The other day I was reading what I'd written so far and two things happened. One-I couldn't stop reading and two, I forgot that I had written it. I don't know but I think that's a good thing.
I'm looking forward to that other side, the climax, the drop, the resolution. I've already started my second book (it just couldn't wait). Oh to have more time, and that folks is something I have small amounts of scattered about but gathered all up makes a hill mountable. So I'm going to make the most of it and while I am at it steer clear of the Christmas Tree Reece's cups. Darn.


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