Children's Literature Conference 2015

Last week, I was the student,  attending to the Children's Literature Conference at Shenandoah University.
I needed the 3 graduate credits....ENG 502.
I've taken ART 586, ART 607 and such but never a ENG 502. And I loved every minute of it.
Better yet, I get to write creatively all summer and turn it in in August to complete my credits.

I sat and drew in my sketchbook, took, notes, like a kid in a candy store among book people. These are my people. Aside from artists and illustrators. But this conference I was the odd man out, only three art teachers at the conference, we found each other like homing pigeons find....home. I wasn't there to win a prize or to make a book deal like other conferences I have been to. I listened to Meg Medina, Peter Brown, Raul Colon, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (I want to be as cool as her when I'm her age), Jennifer O'Connell (who was in the Art in Hands Deck with me!), Mac Barnett, Kwame Alexander and many more....

Me, far left being the "cool" underpaid illustrator.
The amazing Aaron Reynolds explaining in pure storytelling fashion,
How books are made. By pure stroke of luck, I am the illustrator.
Anne my friend and fellow artist snapped the pic with her phone.

I drew and wrote and drew....

And so begins Summer 2015. Can't think of a better way.

Anne won this signed poster of Mac Barnett's latest book, Leo (Um yes, it's about a ghost, and yes, it will be on my bookshelf soon) and she gave it to me. I'll put it up to remind myself of the task at hand. Get to work! Get to Work!

Why yes, I can.


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