It's That Time of Year

Teacher present 2015 (not in frame yet).

When I went back to university to get my art education endorsement it never occurred to me that I was entering a profession full of controversy. I'll admit. I was doe eyed. I'm going to teach art and see the wonder reflected off my students eyes every day. It will fill me up, reconnect me and I'll provide them with a safe place to explore, create and frankly, be themselves. This I have done. What I didn't realize was how much I would have to defend my job choice. Especially now that it's summer.

I'm always a little melancholy at this time of year. My school year is over. What have I done? What did the kids do? Was it a good year? How can I improve? Pack up the room, take down everything, clean slate. Go home. Hear this,
"Oh it's summer. You're so lucky. Must be nice."
At first when I heard this, I thought:
Yes, it is.
Yes, I deserve it.
And then:
Hey, I don't get paid for the summer.
I've got three kids, it's not like I'm sitting around eating bon bons.
Guilt (for some stupid reason).
I'm tired of defending this.

What do people mean when they say this? I know what they mean. Man, must be nice, wish I had summers off. They aren't happy with their own job. Simple.
Why do I take it so personally? Because, I'm me. And because I feel like I have to represent all teachers in saying, We work really hard in those nine months. We care about your kids (even the crazy ones), we don't make a lot of money so throw us a bone, ok, a little time off. Trust me, we are all better off for it.


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