I'm getting tired of writing "it's been awhile".
I'll be honest.
I'm afraid of having a real online presence with 545 students to my name.
Sometimes its simply overwhelming.
I know them all now...every single one of them.
And unlike other schools I've worked at.
The parents are really involved here.
Which makes me happy and also want to hide.
My other side....the one that waxes and wanes and writes and draws and thinks.....
not just about what kind of glue to order next.

I've never wanted summer to come more quickly.
I've got part 2 of a book that is kicking the inside of my head to be written, leftover from my prolific last summer.

Husband, "I really wish you could make a living out of your talents."
(Teaching is one of mine, the actual teaching and connecting part).

Me too.


Nathalie Nayer said…
Glad to read from you.

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