Not the Summer I Thought It Would Be

storefront in the Burg

The title of this blog post is misleading.
It's not that I had a bad summer. It's just not the summer I thought it would be. Does that make sense?
I got a lot of stuff done. Not as much writing as I would have liked but more art. Like kids, they are pushing and poking for my attention sometimes the louder one gets the worm. This summer it was more about the illustration, it got the worm.
Then there was the amazing JMU reunion last weekend. A reunion of the Freaks. Not sure if we called ourselves that or other students did. We were alternative before alternative was the norm. Purple hair? Doc Martens? Thrift store finds? All before it was cool. We made our own fun. Fun was music, expression, art, freedom, non-conforming, coffee shops before Starbucks, open mike night, poetry night, themed parties that were not Martha Stewart inspired, ink on our hands and a collective mind. Something that can not be duplicated outside the parentheses of the university setting....unless you're in a cult (I kid).

I get teary eyed when I watch the Mazda commercial about the boy with the red convertible and not just because I wanted a Mazda Miata something desperate when I was young. The line at the end "Now, in the garage something new. Taking you back to when you were you." Even though my college years (all 6 of them) were difficult at times. I never felt more myself. It reminds me of the conference I attended (see the only other post I wrote this summer), when exuberant writer Aaron Reynolds came in to talk with us, he smiled at his audience, "My kind of people!"

This year, I'm going to find more of my kind of people. They can be art people, writing people or just plain people people. There's nothing like talking about the things you love with others who understand that feeling, the feeling of waking up and wondering which little bird is going to be the loudest that day.....and gets the worm.


Elizabeth said…
I missed this post somehow--I like to follow along in real time : ) Two things: 1.) Do you read Andrea Jenkins' blog, hulaseventy? She wrote a beautiful post about how her summer was not what she expected it to be, and it was so good. 2.) I have a post coming up on Nerdy Book Club in November that's all about getting picture books about art in hands of kids... because you're right--in a time of data, there is the inclination to be less about the glue. Sigh. Incidentally, while I am not teaching right now, my own specialty of high school social studies is pretty low on the list of priorities these days, too.

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