So I did something scary. I made myself do something scary. I signed myself up for our regional SCBWI conference. Ok. Not scary. Then I signed myself up for a book dummy review. So so semi scary. (nice alliteration there eh?). Then I saw who my review was with, oh yeah, only the VP Creative Director for Simon and Schuster, Dan Potash. Deep breath. What are you here for Beth? You're here (and I talked myself through this on my many 7 minute commutes  this school year) to step outside of your comfort zone, to meet people, to show you're serious. (Don't get me wrong, I've always been serious about my art). And he couldn't have been nicer. Honestly, I want to hire him as a mentor. His excitement flipping through my sketchbook (scary). His candor and honesty. And he might as well have been reading my mind.

My dummy was for Big and Bert, a longneck and his buddy on the move. It's a cool little book, it's not that he didn't like it but he caught me. He caught me. He caught me, doing what I think others would like. "I've only known you seven minutes and I can see you in your sketchbook. How about you here (in books etc.)?"
He gave me homework, design some book covers. Book covers.....artists do just that? There's a market for just book cover art. It never occurred to me. What fun. Pick your favorites. You know that feeling when you're curled up with the perfect book. Get that feeling down.
I heard, loosen up. Draw again. Get back to what you do well.

I'll be honest. I'm squirming. I have feeling that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. Teaching 545 kids a week is taking its toll. My classes are longer, everything is more. I'm a better teacher when I'm not nervous that my 9 point lesson plans aren't/are correct. I love my students but it's finally my time. My time.
So I'm writing and drawing and squeezing it in.

Covers to come: (my favorites)
House With The Clock In Its Walls
To Kill a Mockingbird
Ghost on Windy Hill
Tuck Everlasting

What a concept.....

P.S-I'm working on my website. You can see it at  I'm enjoying Squarespace. It's easy and intuitive and NOT scary at all.


Elizabeth said…
Ooh ooh I can't wait to see your take on John Bellairs. He is one of my favorite and bests.

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