...when you were home from college (or other living arrangement) and there were no cell phones? No way for anyone to get in touch with you if you didn't give them your parents' number....I loved those pockets of family. I'd have a cup of coffee with my mom, go to the Christmas tree farm with my dad (blue sweater, green puffy vest before they were cool, JCrew lug boots.....Great Falls), have drinks at Clyde's (In Reston) maybe bump into some old flame or other body back from University or far flung state. My grandfather declared Clyde's crab cakes Baltimore worthy. I loved visiting him going up four floors and walking all the way down the breezeway to their apartment. I'd look towards the center and see all the other balconies, wondering if twenty year olds were visiting like I was. Another spot where I couldn't be found and yet be totally loved. The check out ladies at Safeway knew my grandfather by name.

I crave those pockets now. I'm a soul needing rest. My mind has been churning and worrying and going full speed. I heard the words, I have cancer, from a loved one. We are heading down a road I've never traveled on....


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