Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Garden

My sister is moving. If we do the math this means I have zero sisters living close by. Yes, two hours away is not so bad. And my other sister is about 4 hours away. And now the two of them will be closer together. So lucky them. Big sister whining, me. But while I wallow, here are a few pics from the summer so far.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Tall Drink

Sometimes, something I have done years ago will catch my eye. Like this one. Tall Drink. It reminds me of colors I want to use in my illustration work. Also, the mix of paint, fabric and found media. Pulling this out of my archives.
Fun stuff.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Evening Pictures

new sketchbook-ahhhhhh

haven't looked at this piece in awhile-keeping it in my thoughts

love finding similar color

beautiful new book in my collection-love her color palette and line work

There's a Barnes and Noble in Hampton Roads that I stop by on my way back home from my sister's house.We don't have bookstores around here anymore. It's so sad not to be able to see these books in person, feel the paper between your fingers and flip through. It's inspiring. I love the evening light in my studio.So I picked up a few treasures. It was necessary right after the conference.I'm experimenting. I'm getting up early and writing. It's the summer to break habits (bad or not, just plain old habits). Okay, I think they are bad. Bad for creativity. Bad time management. This morning I already edited a few chapters and scribbled on a storyboard. Giddy Up!