Rocky Coast

This is an older piece that I finally found the solution to. More rocks to come.

So, I've left my full time (art in bulk) position at two elementary schools. I will miss the kids and the teachers there. It was a great fit for me for three years. But I struggled. Zipping out the door, bag on shoulder, kids in some sort of state of dress, missing library books, where's my shoe, nope, can't help got to school (for fear of being late and being called out for it). This past year, stress pulled across my face like a cheap mud mask. The young blonde happy to be teaching again woman pictured on my badge had been replaced by one with much gray hair and a constant gut feeling that she was supposed to do something more.

So, I lept. (With support from my husband and family). To go to a more child centered school this fall, a charter school and part time. I'm joining a TEAM, not a STAFF. I'm part of the A in STEAM. A school with arts integration as a key component, I've found a home.

 I used to have this friend, she was with me all the time. Creativity. She whispered, wouldn't that be cool, oh you SO have to do that, in my ear almost every day. But the noise in my head crowded her out. 600 kids, 10,000 assessments (yes, you read that right), 25 classes, yearbook (staff of one), piling up and pushing out....It's time to clean, clear and move on.

Every day, I will be traveling up and over a little mountain to a historic district of Hillsboro, Va founded in 1765. I can't wait to get the camera out. I'm excited to meet my 120 students (Still sounds like a lot but much more manageable than 632). It's new, it's change and it's exciting.

It's something more.


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