Let me talk about....

buying waterproof mascara. Parking in the CVS parking lot with a specific purpose. I mean, when does anyone go into a store to just buy one thing? And such a silly....thing. It seems futile at a time like this and selfish. We do dumb things every day. We waste gobs of time. We think the most mundane things are important and we stress on them, doting on them like we gave birth to them.

I used to swim competitively. I bought waterproof mascara.

Now I buy it for a funeral. For a 42 year old beautiful woman. For a mother of two. For a creative like me. For a life that ended and wrapped up in five quick months like a mad dash for the door.
Every day, I look at her picture. And I am reminded that I am alive. I will continue to tell stories that show the human spirit in all of its rawness and beauty. I won't let her spirit wither idly. And I won't waste a minute of my time however it is dolled out, rolled out and divided up.

Life is short.
Time is nigh.
Love gives its all.
So will I.


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